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    Dawn InfoTek is not just a successful financial consulting company, although our client commitments come first, we have also successfully developed products specifically for the financial and technology communities. Dawn InfoTek SafeGuard Out-of-Band Phone Authentication is a great example of this. Through our experience in regulatory compliance such as FFIEC we saw the internet banking needed an OOB solution for the online banking security control. We delivered SafeGuard OOB to meet this need. The popularity of this product far surpassed our expectations and continues as more companies throughout the world continue to choose Dawn InfoTek SafeGuard for enterprise web applications, OOB Phone authentication.

    AQA TxDataEngine Solutions

    Youtube: Introduction to AQA TDE  
    Provides virtual tier to mock and simulate the following API services. - Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs; Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs; Host Transactions (CICS/IMS). Generate production grade data to simulate API services; Simulate API behaviors of response time, code, and error Decouple tier dependencies to enable maximum parallel agile developments and ease the integration with boosted time-to-delivery; Support load testing to detect performance issues and reduce production risk.

    AQA Synthetic Monitoring Solutions

    Youtube: Introduction to AQA STM  
    Sends health check request to a specific server; Automated health check with synthetic transactions; Determine individual server status and send notification with detailed info; Health check “Operational” means all servers are “Operational”; Health check fails when server fails.

    AQA SafeGuard Out-of-Band (OOB) Phone Authentication
    SafeGuard OOB phone authentication effectively secures and protects your customer from newly emerging attacks; and it effectively prevents the use of stolen identity or account credentials.
    A real-time phone call provides an easy-to-use method for confirming online banking logins, resetting passwords, online banking enrollment, high value transactions, and suspicious activity identified by Dawn InfoTek’s risk engine when an institutional policy is triggered.

    AQA Code Scan
    AQA Code Scan is an automated code review process from source code checkout, scan and scan result check in. Its process of application quality assurance enforces the quality and security of the code, reduce the manual code review effort, and ensure the developers follow the application architecture.

    AQA easyNotification System
    Our easyNotification solution enables personalized, proactive multichannel outbound notification services to ensure that customers, subscribers, employees, and partners have the latest account and service information. Multichannel outbound notification services transform your contact center from reactive to proactive, by enabling self-service and live agent resources to focus on revenue-generating opportunities and premier customer service.

    AQA SafeGuard Risk-based authentication (RBA) System
    SafeGuard RBA system uses a risk engine based on a range of user and asset attributes to calculate a risk score for each action. If a score is above the predefined amount the RBA System will require further authentication to secure the users accounts and information.

    AQA SafeGuard Attack Detection Plug-in Service
    SafeGuard Attack Detection Plug-in service was developed to cover all forms of web application security issues as well as fraud and risk management. SafeGuard Plug-in can not only detect the web application security attack, but is also able to take a flexible action and measures while the attacks occurs.
    SafeGuard Attack Detection Plug-in can be readily integrated with the custom built J2EE framework or industry popular open source frameworks such as Struts and spring.

    AQA SafeGuard Suspicious Transaction Monitoring
    SafeGuard Suspicious Transaction Monitoring is a batch process to monitor customer transactions so that the Risk Engine can calculate the risk score and take the proper action(s).

    AQA Contact Center Custom Software and Applications
    The Contact Center Integration Suite is a single point of contact center integration with CTI, IVR and back-end system via industry open standard such as XML/Https or Web Services. It provides an easy Integration with any contact center solutions to provide CTI screen pop cached data for better performance and multi-channel integration – Web to Contact Center with Screen Pop integrated with CRM, Customer data, Web to IVR, Mobile.