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    AQA Synthetic Monitoring Solutions


    How Manual System Health Check is Done Today

  • Smoke Test
  • Health Test
  • Production Monitoring

  • Back office manually health check daily
  • Servers are behind Load Balance Server
  • Health check is not targeted to a specific server, but to a load balancer
  • Health check “Operational” does not mean all servers are “Operational”
  • You can ONLY detect a problem when all servers fail or the load balancer is pointed to the failed server
  • How Automated System Health Check Can be Done Tomorrow?

  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Decrease Mean Time to Repair
  • Synthetic Transactions
  • Specific JVM Checking
  • Back Office Automation
  • Continuous Stability
  • Reduce Memory Leak
  • No more Queued Objects
  • Sends health check request to a specific server
  • Automated health check with synthetic transactions
  • Determine individual server status and send notification with detailed info
  • Health check “Operational” means all servers are “Operational”
  • Health check fails when server fails


    How it Works

    Key Features