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    Technology Enhancements

    What’s a Dawn4J J2EE Framework?

    A Dawn4J J2EE Framework isolates the commonalities and complexities of enterprise J2EE Web application development. It provides the common services and plumbing work across all J2EE tiers, presentation tier, business tier, data tier and integration tier, and lets application developers concentrate on business aspects rather than underlying system initialization, logging, connection pooling, etc. A J2EE Framework is a vendor-neutral application infrastructure and can be deployed to any J2EE compliant application server without any application changes. The Dawn4J framework uses the industry best practice and design patterns to maximize reusability and ROI.

    Why need a J2EE Framework?

    Experience has shown that as much as 50-60% of every Enterprise Application has common functionality. A Dawn4J J2EE framework will reduce the total cost of an enterprise application by 40% and shorten the time to market by 30%.

    Benefits of a Dawn4J J2EE Framework

    The benefits of a Dawn4J J2EE Framework consist of:

    What is Dawn4J Enterprise Business Services Platform (Dawn4J EBSP)?

    The Dawn4J EBSP is far beyond a common J2EE framework and it is an enterprise application Development Platform for banking which is well suited for building Web-based financial services applications such as Internet banking, call centers, stand-alone kiosks, and mobile access terminals such as wireless access protocol (WAP) capable cellular phones.

    Why do you need the Dawn4J EBSP?

    Banking trends show that it;

    Functionalities of the Dawn4J EBSP

    The Dawn4J EBSP goes beyond the Dawn4J framework. The Dawn4J framework consists of a number of industry proven pre-built components or building blocks for the enterprise applications using an open industry standard, mature Internet technologies such as Java, J2EE, XML, SOAP, HTTP(s), and object-oriented programming. The Dawn4J EBSP makes use of the Dawn4J’s building blocks, industry best practices and design patterns to provide the following functionalities: