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    Custom Application Development Services

  • Create new, custom applications with full lifecycle support
  • Gain access to best-of-breed talent and reduce development costs
  • Avoid the hassles of learning curves and staffing
  • Dawn InfoTek’s Applications Development Services creates new, custom applications, and provides full lifecycle support throughout delivery. Your company receives the benefit of successful, high-quality applications without the hassles of learning curves and staffing. Using a four-phased approach, our experts define application requirements, analyze application characteristics, produce/implement the application and monitor performance during post-implementation support.

    Through our best-of-breed talent, you gain access to intellectual capital and best practices while reducing development costs. In fact, you can even realize an increase in productivity for application development projects while improving your business performance through the changing demands of your marketplace.

    When you choose Dawn InfoTek’s Applications Solutions, you benefit from deep technical expertise as well as strong partnerships and industry experience. We have many experts in application development technology that when combined with our strong, collaborative relationships with leading technology company makes us uniquely qualified to meet your specific application needs. Furthermore, we have unique tools, frameworks, and reusable code that enable us to accelerate application development in specific environments.

    Our 30-day warranty period on all solutions developed ensures that we provide a solution that works for you. As always, Dawn InfoTek’s Applications Solutions is committed to devising and implementing innovative solutions that suit your individual application needs.