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  • At Dawn InfoTek, we are committed to our customers' success. Because of this commitment, we offer comprehensive and progressive customer support programs for our products and solutions. Dawn InfoTek customer support includes an experienced team of service representatives and engineers dedicated to delivering outstanding service.

    Solution Support from Dawn InfoTek is a suite of high-value services tailored to provide end-to-end support for our agent desktop and customer service experience optimization solutions. As an ongoing component of our consultative approach, these support services provide complete coverage from planning and design phases, through the deployment stages, to production support and maintenance.

    An integral part of this offering is the Solution Support Advisor, a Dawn InfoTek resource allocated to your account and your solution; they are fully trained on your solution as well as your business objectives. The Solution Support Advisor is the "point person" for all technical issues related to the installed solution. During the Solutions Support contract period, the Solution Support Advisor performs a variety of value-added services designed to keep the customer's executive, operational and IT management up to date on the state of the Dawn InfoTek solution.

    You may contact Dawn InfoTek Customer Support by telephone or email.

    We accept Priority 1 requests exclusively through the phone or Email: support@dawninfotek.com .

    We recommend that you use email to report all Priority 2, 3, and 4 incidents.