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    Dawn InfoTek Professional Services

  • The process of the perfect interaction
  • A team approach
  • Long-term relationships for the life of your solution
  • Customer Service Engaged, Customer Experience Assured

    Dawn InfoTek Professional Services has adapted a version of the Rational Unified Process as the deployment methodology to implement Customer Self Service. Understanding that not all customers will use the same process, we are adept at customizing this approach to fit our customers' existing project and management methodologies. The major steps in the process are represented in the Engagement Process Overview.

    Each project phase includes multiple activities with one or more associated deliverables. These deliverables are built from tested and proven templates, and the quality is ensured through a detailed review process. Sample deliverables from each lifecycle phase are listed below.

    The goal of the Dawn InfoTek’s Professional Services is to ensure the highest quality work product for every one of our clients. To that end, we have incorporated best-of-breed methodology and oversight processes. The result is clear: world-class Intelligent Search applications for our customers.

    Our Professional Services help organizations plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve the way you do business. From security to contact center customer development to custom application development, we take the complexity out of IT solution management, so you can focus on running your business.

    Customers often tell us that one of the major reasons they choose to work with Dawn InfoTek is the quality and experience of our professional services team. Through our Consulting, Education, Support and Business Process Assessment services, Dawn InfoTek professionals engage with customers as technical consultant, project management lead or complete turnkey solution provider.

    From critical analysis of existing business processes to the delivery of robust agent desktop solutions, our experienced and certified business analysts, pre-sales consultants and systems engineers provide a full range of application delivery services.Because we take the time to really understand our customer's business needs and contact center operations, Dawn InfoTek ensures fast and successful implementations utilizing a proven delivery methodology. Our services team will customize the delivery of the Dawn InfoTek solution to reflect our customer's expressed goals and objectives.

    Our team has the technical, operational and industry expertise needed to ensure that the project will be completed on-time, and on-budget. We are helping some of the largest and most sophisticated contact centers around the globe to deliver the perfect interaction. The Dawn InfoTek Services team leads a global effort towards creating the perfect customer interaction via solution delivery and support.

    The Process of the Perfect Interaction

    Dawn InfoTek has developed a best practices methodology for engaging with you to design and deliver the optimum solution for your specific needs.

    Our consultative discovery sessions are our chance to build deep relationships with your IT and business segments. These discovery sessions are aligned specifically with your needs, dependent solely on your business environment and operational conditions. We can deliver and present a solution prototype which allows us to showcase our capabilities and initiatives in a near real-world scenario.

    But this learning process doesn't stop with the discovery phase. By delving into the sometimes multiple lines of business involved with the proposed solution, we have the opportunity to consult with the various stakeholders within the organization and illustrate the solution benefits and ROI at each level. We perform a Business Process Assessment at this point, followed by design documents which specify the level of integration of the solution.

    This method of "ask, analyze and verify" creates a Solution Vision, which can be used as a reference for both the Dawn InfoTek team and your organization’s resources.

    A Team Approach

    At Dawn InfoTek, we are students of the customer experience, and that's quite evident when you look at our Services team. By taking an active role as consultant to the customer, we learn about our customer’s business and processes so that we can develop solutions which will drive a more effective and efficient customer interaction.

    The Dawn InfoTek Project Manager (PM) leads the implementation team and balances the competing demands of quality, scope, time and cost. The PM adapts the specifications, plans and approaches to address concerns and expectations of the client and administers change control, cost, and risk and issue management.

    The Dawn InfoTek Solution Architect (SA) leads the customer/technical interface, provides architectural and technical design leadership, and is responsible for design and execution of load and performance testing strategy.
    The Solution Architect also provides server tuning guidance based on testing results and guides architecture reviews and enforcement of coding best practices and Dawn InfoTek architectural standards.

    The Dawn InfoTek Business Analyst (BA) is responsible for production of as-is process analysis and to-be design of the business architecture, managing the document functional requirements and the requirements management process along the way.

    The Business Analyst participates in detailed functional and operational design activities, including prototyping of options, develops test strategy, and leads test planning activities.

    The Dawn InfoTek Development Manager (DM) manages product consultants, allocation of development work and overall code quality. The DM is responsible for the development lifecycle and technical risks throughout the project. The DM communicates and enforces coding standards and performs code reviews.

    As a primary code developer, the DM ensures the project code generated during deployment is not only accepted by customer support, but also supportable.

    One of the key components of the Solution Vision is the Solution Prototype, which allows the customer to gain a visual perspective of how their data and applications might be optimized and exposed via the unified desktop.

    Long-term Relationships for the Life of Your Solution

    Post-deployment, Dawn InfoTek remains a viable part of your ongoing success.

    Our Solution Support suite leverages the most cost-effective and useful portions of standard software maintenance and services warranty plans.

    Solution Support provides continuing diagnostics and issue resolution support as well as health check, maintenance and planned solution reviews and roadmap sessions, all delivered by a Dawn InfoTek resource dedicated to your solution.

    Dawn InfoTek has vast and specific expertise in optimizing customer interaction processes. Our Application Quality Assurance (AQA) workflow engine solution is to help you to automate your code review process and integrate the code review with your build process to detect the code quality and security early and reduce manual code review effort.