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    Security Professional Services

  • Prevention activities, detection and correction activities
  • Application security awareness workshop
  • Mitigate risks and secure your enterprise
  • Today‚Äôs enterprises are faced with complex security and privacy requirements, including a growing number of regulatory and compliance standards. Cybercrime is also a growing problem, and companies are making headlines for failing to secure customer information.

    Protect your enterprise with Security Professional Services from Dawn InfoTek. We focus on the IT security assessment, strategies, processes and technologies that help you meet security requirements and become compliant with applicable laws.

    We examine your security systems and critical business assets, identify the risks and vulnerabilities, and develop recommendations to keep your enterprise secure. We also have certified professionals capable of designing and deploying the technology safeguards identified in the proposed solutions.


    Prevention Activities

    Application Security Awareness Workshop


    Detection and Correction Activities

    Why Dawn InfoTek?

    With Dawn InfoTek as your partner, your enterprise benefits from: