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    Dawn InfoTek provides financial services marketers, financial advisors, and asset managers with 'high touch' service at a low cost. How's it done? Through the DawnJ EBSP platform, Eclipse plug-in of ACB and AFB capabilities that provide a new of customer interaction and dynamic portlets that focus on customer goals and transactions.

    How Dawn InfoTek Can Help 
    Dawn InfoTek is a leading online banking application that raises the bar for online customer care, with Dawn InfoTek, online banking has never been easier. 

    Retain financial services customers with superior service:
    Current case studies show that in the financial services sector, the average customer cost on five times more to acquire than to retain. By creating cost-effective integration architecture Dawn4J UDT USB allows for interoperability among applications, and helps financial services firms acquire and keep customers by responding intelligently to customer interactions across all channels. This gives managers unprecedented control to provide customers with context-appropriate information to cross-sell financial services products.

    Reduce and Contain Service Costs:

    Financial services firms know the cost savings that automation can achieve; Dawn InfoTek delivers solutions from diverse enterprise sources in order to achieve your cost objectives. Our case studies show that whether deployed online or in contact centers Dawn InfoTek’s applications greatly increase customer self service, productivity, and CSR’s effectiveness when responding to customers sales and or service requests. 

    Our focus is to provide top-quality solutions in the financial arena; we do this by applying our experience in J2EE technologies to the following types of systems:

    Customer Relationship Management

    Creating long-term, profitable relationships with your best customers with solutions that address not only your customer-facing functions such as sales and service, but also your marketing and information management.

    Enterprise Solutions

    Delivering global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, including package evaluation and selection, implementation, and upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like; supply chains, human resources, and customer relationship management.