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    Our clients are often equipped and ready to go with good requirements and a solid team, but need a jump-start in applying a particular technology, architecture, off-the-shelf package, or a Dawn Custom product.

    Using Proven Enterprise Business Services Platform

    Within the Online Banking and Financial Services world the Dawn4J EBSP Suite (Dawn4J Enterprise Business Services Platform and solutions) it is ideal for financial services organizations including; Online Banking, Mortgage, Insurance, Financial Planning, and Brokerages. 

    Applying the Right Architecture

    The Dawn4J EBSP generalized or generic solution architecture was proven in the banking sector and can be used in other similar enterprise and web based applications. The architecture of the Dawn4J EBSP is based on a logical n-tier model combining the appropriate tiers from the client’s requirements (data tier, business tier, presentation tier, client tier, and integration tier). The proper architecture is proposed and the Dawn4J AFB tool is used to generate an application framework based on predefined templates without any application specific code. On the basis of your selection you can generate proven enterprise web applications; these newly generated applications framework will automatically use the Dawn4J security services, including SafeGuard and password protection.

    Leveraging the Best-of-breed Open Source

    As you would expect, we have experience applying many of the J2EE design patterns, and industry best practices offerings in our enterprise applications including Struts, JConfig, Log4J, Velocity, Ant, and all the XML related projects. We are also familiar with many of the quickly emerging open source efforts such as Quartz that assist with scheduling and workflow management , also known an Business Process Management (BPM). The Dawn4J EBSP is an integrated platform which takes advantages of only the best features of these proven open source products.