Dawn InfoTek Inc., established in 1997, is an international consulting firm that provides Information Technology expertise to domestic and international financial services clients who focus on applying leading edge technologies to their increasingly flexible marketplace.

Our financial application such online banking experience and broad knowledge of J2EE off-the-shelf technologies and tools enable us to deliver a first-class ROI to our customers in a much shorter period than other consulting firms.

AQA TxDataEngine

AQA TxDataEngine (TDE) Provides solution to tackle: Inter-tier dependencies, legacy host system dependencies, time-to-delivery due to parallel agile development and integration, risk reduction, quality assurance, and cost control. AQA TxDataEngine (TDE) provides virtual tier to mock and simulate the following API services Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs, and Host Transactions (CICS/IMS). Generate production grade data to simulate API services. Simulate API behaviors of response time, code, and error. Decouple tier dependencies to enable maximum parallel agile developments and ease the integration with boosted time-to-delivery. Support load testing to detect performance issues and reduce production risk.

AQA Synthetic Monitoring

Dawn InfoTek’s AQA Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Solution (STM): Sends health check request to a specific server Automates health check with synthetic transactions Determines individual server status and send notification with detail info, such as which server, cause to reduce MTTR. Dawn InfoTek’s AQA Phone Notification ensures that no matter what time during the night or day the health check is triggered, the appropriate support-teams will be made aware of the health check alerts and respond accordingly. This further minimizes MTTR (Real-time notification with recipient confirmation promotes early response) and improves communication efficiency regarding health check alerts (SMS, Phone, and Pager). The quality of AQA Synthetic Monitoring (STM) alerts is as good as receiving the information and responding ASAP, and the email-only notification may not guarantee it.

AQA easyNotification

AQA easyNotification enables initiation of a real-time phone conversation between a custom phone number and an IVR application via next generation of SIP. This allows automatic phone notification request to be sent to clients with a dynamic message via IVR integration. Provided as an XML Web Service (or API), it allows any third party or home grown application in your business to utilize this powerful notification dialer. With Phone Notification Web Service API, you can collect and post back information of notification results into your own databases and applications. With applications, it can be programmed to respond to actions in real time and perform other functions such as email or SMS notification.

AQA SafeGuard Out-of-Band (OOB) Phone Authentication

OOB authentication is most effective security control method to protect your customer from newly emerging attacks (MITB/MITM/Trojans) and to prevent the use of stolen identity or account credentials gained through phishing and other means.

AQA Code Scan

AQA Code Scan is an automated code review process which is essential to enforce the quality of the code, reduce the manual code review effort, and ensure the application developers to follow the application architecture.

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