About Us

About Us

Dawn InfoTek Inc. is an international consulting firm that provides Information Technology solutions and expertise to domestic and international clients.  Our solutions are focused on several mission-critical business areas:

Application Performance Management (APM):

Our Application Quality Assurance (AQA) suite of solutions covers the entire APM solution set. Our Synthetic Transaction Monitor is unique in the market, as it tests past the load balancer, right to the JVM, cloud instance, or .Net instance. This key application is surrounded by other AQA applications to provide a complete APM solution package.

Staffing Solutions:

We have a focused team of people that provide staffing for our APM solution. We can run the APM solution for the clients that invest in this solution. We also take the experience further and provide full staffing for other business and technical requirements.

Custom Developments:

Based on our experiences with our clients, we are often asked to provide a custom-written software solution. These projects often complement our existing AQA solution set. If you have a particularly difficult business issue, we have the people, processes, and experience to build an appropriate solution.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss the experience and solutions at Dawn InfoTek. We can be reached at sales@dawninfotek.com