AQA Contact Center Custom Software and Applications

Application Quality Assurance (AQA) Contact Center Custom Software and Applications.

Contact Center Integration Suite brings together solutions for Call Center Self-Service, easy Notification, Out of Band Authentication and when coupled with our customized Professional Services we can provide a full function call center. This will allow you to:

  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Realize rapid ROI
  • Reduce operating costs and minimize capital expenditures
  • Increase cross-sell and Upsell revenue

Contact Center Integration Suite

  • The solution uses our OOB Phone Authentication, easyNotification and professional services to configure and implement a custom solution designed for you
  • A single point of contact center integration with back-end system via industry open standard such as XML/Https or Web Services
  • Easy Integration with IVR VXML Server
  • Easy Integration with any contact center solutions to provide CTI screen pop cached data for better performance
  • Multi-channel integration trough; Web to Contact Center with Screen Pop integrated with CRM, Customer data, Web to IVR, Mobile, and more

Key Benefits

  • Improved Customer Experience – Improves the customer experience with communications integrated to the customer profile
  • Enterprise Wide Solution – Supports contact center agents as well as enterprise workers as to improve communication
  • Configuration for Needs -Open architecture allows customers to tailor to their specific business requirements and adjust business processes or call flows as your programs change and grow
  • Flexible Components – Scalable as your contact center grows with new sites or new programs
  • Pain-Free Upgrades – Long-term value from an extensible business solution and a component architecture that is easily upgradable for the addition of new features and channels
  • Risk Mitigation – Reduced risk and complexity with certified end-to-end product integrations that assure functional compliance
  • Leverage Investments – Utilizes existing communication and applications infrastructure, without the need to upgrade or witch platforms
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Minimizes upfront IT and professional services engagement, and includes standard product maintenance and support.