AQA easyNotification System

This powerful notification solution enables personalized, proactive multi-channel (SMS, phone or Email) out-bound notification. Now messages can be sent real-time to the chosen appropriate channel (phone, text, email) and transforms your call center from reactive to proactive.


  • Initiation of a real-time phone conversation between a custom phone number and an IVR application via next generation of SIP
  • A software solution allows the customer to send a phone notification request to its client with a dynamic message via IVR integrated with the notification request
  • Are provided as an XML Web Service (or API), allowing any third party or home grown application in your business to utilize this powerful notification dialler
  • With Phone Notification Web Service API, you can collect and post back information of notification results into your own databases and applications. Your application can even be programmed to respond to these actions in real time and perform other functions such as email or SMS notification
  • Leverage existing hardware and software
  • Send thousand of alerts, 24 hours a day
  • Advanced telephony features – dynamic messages, prerecorded messages, try count, call status, agent screen pop, etc.

With easyNotification, your organization can focus on the important tasks at hand and automate the standard communication work. Your valuable staff can now work on the relevant, high value, sensitive work that is required without the need to hire more staff.