AQA TxDataEngine

Application Quality Assurance (AQA) TxDataEngine Solutions

Now your developers can have a fully virtual test environment for their coding efforts. We allow your team to have a full API environment to simulate the connections and dependencies for you to run tests against. This allows your team to understand Inter-tier dependencies, legacy host system dependencies, mobile application integration and 3rd parties. This will speed time-to-delivery due to parallel agile development and lower costs and risk.

Key Features

  • Different pass through modes
    • Force pass through
    • On demand pass through
  • Learning mode
    • Records payload data from existing endpoints
    • Supports WEB, SOAP, Json, and COBOL copybooks data
  • Customizable service behaviors
  • In-file transaction configuration
  • Response time and response code and return code analysis
  • Provides virtual tier to mock and simulate the following API services
    • Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs
    • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs
    • Host Transactions (CICS/IMS)


  • Decrease Time-to-Delivery
  • Reduce Risk
  • Lower Infrastructure Cost
  • Create Parallel Development
  • Minimize Project Costs
  • Generate production grade data to simulate API services
  • Simulate API behaviors of response time, code, and error
  • Decouple tier dependencies to enable maximum parallel agile developments and ease the integration with boosted time-to-delivery
  • Support load testing to detect performance issues and reduce production risk