AQA Synthetic Monitoring

Dawn InfoTek clients use our technology to proactively monitor critical business applications and determine their health. We monitor applications deeper than anyone in the industry – right down to the JVM, .Net Instance, the Cloud Instance and/or the Database Instance.

Synthetic Transaction Monitor goes beyond traditional Health Check Systems. We monitor behind the load balancer and can target specific servers and services associated with the entire infrastructure.

Clients’ cyber security is our top priority! Learn more about our safeguard measures against supply chain attacks. We help solve the three most common problems with application monitoring:

  • Health Check “operational” does not mean all servers “operational”
  • You can only detect a problem when all servers fail
  • Getting clear data and information to your team to fix small problems before becoming a big problem

Dashboard for Clear Visibility
Our easy to use dashboard gives your technology personnel a clear view of the health of all the monitored devices, instances and JVMs. Now you will be able to see a problem as it is developing instead of after it has occurred.

One-Click Integration with Dynatrace and Splunk
AQA Synthetic Transaction Monitor has an easy to use integration with Dynatrace and Splunk. When you are investigating an error, simply press the Dynatrace or Splunk icon and go directly to the appropriate entry point. Problems are quickly diagnosed and resolved.

Visibility behind the Load Balancer
Our Synthetic Transactions doesn’t stop at the load balancer. We can see to all the servers that are running an application and can test right to the JVM and/or the appropriate instance. Better visibility of your application performance allows for enhanced service uptime.

Deep Monitoring to JVM / .Net Instance / Database
We look past the server and can evaluate the appropriate JVM, .Net instance, and/or database instance. We can also monitor your public or private cloud infrastructure.

Lower Mean Time to Repair and Resolution
Improved visibility and enhanced access to Dynatrace or Splunk means that problems are solved quicker. Service Level Agreements with your valued customers will be easier to manage and exceed.

Notification via call / text / email
When AQA Synthetic Transaction Monitor has determined there is a problem, we notify the appropriate personnel via phone, text or email. This fully configurable feature allows for fixes and escalations to occur as mandated.

Snapshot in time to determine past issues
AQA Synthetic Transaction Monitor has the capability to review historical tests and data. Your team will now have the capability to see what has happened in the past to determine trends. Now proactive measures can be made to taken to fix problem areas in your software and/or infrastructure.

Fully Configurable Environment
Our Synthetic Monitoring solution is fully configurable to your business requirements. Test components as frequently as required by your business and technical guidelines. With our assistance, test scripts can be easily developed and timed appropriately to minimize traffic across your network.

Smoke test
Ad hoc testing can be done by appropriate personnel to see if the target environment is sound.

Deployed in your Data Center or in the Cloud
AQA Synthetic Transaction Monitor can be deployed behind your firewall or it can access your applications running in the cloud. We can provide this solution to your private cloud, a hybrid cloud or a fully public third party cloud infrastructure.